Product backordered, what do I do?

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Created On: 28 Jan 2007 05:42 PM

Answer If you place an order with us, and when you receive your shipment, our packing slip or invoice
indicates your item is on backorder, the following will happen:

1. We will endeavour to ship out your backordered item to you (via the cheapest shipping
method possible, without charging you any extra amount) within 2 weeks. If the said item
does not return to our stock, we will refund you.

2. If you would like to wait for the item, please inform us.

3. In general, if an item is not orderable via our website (showing 0 for quantity, and not allowing you to put it into your shopping cart), we are unable to take orders for this item. Please sign-up for our "back in stock" email notification system (prompted when you try to add the out of stock item to your cart), whereby you will automatically be notified, via email, once the item comes back in stock.