When I add a product to my shopping cart, and go to check-out, it has a 0 (zero) listed under quantity, and I cannot order the item. Why?

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Created On: 28 Jan 2007 07:18 PM

Answer This means that, according to our inventory system, we do not have any available quantities of the item you are attemping to purchase. In general, this means one of the following:

  • the item is out of our stock temporarily, and should be back in-stock soon

  • the item is out of print or production, and depending on the publisher or manufacturer, may be in after weeks, months, or without an ETA (estimated time of arrival)

    In general, items which we believe are gone forever will be deleted from our site, or will be marked "un-orderable" (no "add to cart" button). We will do our utmost to update our website as much as possible. For direct inquiries, you may contact us, with the item name and product code, and we will insha'Allah (God willing) update you as best as we can. We strive very hard to make all items in-stock, but often due to factors beyond our control, items simply are not available.