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26 May 2024 
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 Are my credit card details secure on IslamicBookstore.com?
 Yes, God-willing! 100% Online Safety Guarantee: You are 100% protected against credit card fraud when you shop online at IslamicBookstore.com. If, after reading this information, you are still uncomfortable shopping online, you have more choices: Or
 Do you offer online gift certificates?
 Yes! Please visit our gift certificates page at: http://www.islamicbookstore.com/gice.html You may order online gift certificates, in several denominations, and have them emailed to their recipient, with your gift message. Its easy, fast, and makes
 What is your position on piracy, and bootleg products?
 We are completely against the sale and distribution of pirated products, and work closely with our suppliers and customers in this regard. We have sales agreements with most major Islamic publishers, and guarantee all the products we sell are legitimate a
 What payment methods do you accept?
 Credit Cards: We accept most major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). Checks and Money Orders: We accept US DOLLAR checks and money orders, made payable to "Islamic Bookstore .com." (Checks over $10 may take 2-5 business da
 In what currency are the prices on your website?
 All prices listed in our website, at this time, are in US Dollars. Customers outside of the USA are welcome to place orders using their credit cards, but it must be branded as VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. We also accept debit cards
 I'd like to order some items. How much will it cost?
 To determine the exact cost of an order, inclusive of shipping and handling, please observe the following steps: 1. Go to our website (IslamicBookstore.com). 2. Add all of the items you would like to purchase (via the "Order" button). 3. When fin
 How to Verify your Paypal Account
 For customers who use Paypal to pay for orders, verifying your Paypal account will make processing your order more streamlined and faster. If you need to verify your Paypal account (which we highly recommend!), please do the following: See detailed, up
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