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16 Jun 2024 
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 What is your return policy?
 Return Policy: The following section outlines our return policy. At IslamicBookstore.com, customer service is a top priority and we strive to make sure that our store policies are fair to all parties involved. If the situation mandates it, we reserve the
 How do I return something back to you?
 In general, you may return any unused item to us in the same brand new condition, within 30 days of receipt. (see return policy for full details!). Kindly provide a reason for return. You may return it to : Attn: Product Returns Islamic Bookstore
 I sent something back to you. I haven't heard back?
 If you send us something back, please allow 5-7 business days after we receive it to get back to you. Thanks. After the above mentioned time, if you have any questions, you may submit a ticket by clicking on Submit a Ticket on the home page of o
 I do not agree with the contents (Islamically, otherwise) of a product. What should I do?
 We attempt to do a good review of the products we sell, in that they either conform with mainstream Islamic teachings ("Ahl ul Sunnah wa'l Jamaat), or they provide a conduit towards learning or understanding of other ideologies or worldviews relevant to t
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